Plovdiv Hills has a luxurious, peaceful and cosy atmosphere, and during the summer the garden outside is like a small town oasis in the central part of Plovdiv. What guests obtain here are excellent food, good wines and cordial hospitality.  

The name is not a coincidence and it is a reference to the huge historical meaning of Plovdiv, the town under the seven hills.

The heart and the soul of the restaurant, as it is known, is Chef Vasil Grudev – a young but experienced professional, who is passionate about his work and is in love with the international gastronomy.  

 Life is truly wonderful when you steal some time for yourself and your loved one and spend it in a sophisticated setting, with delicious food and wine which tickles the senses.

The stress of the menu is put on food and all its tasty varieties from the region of whole Europe.

Everything is prepared on the spot and it is home-made – from the bread up to the pasta – through the sauces, the marinades and the desserts.

Some modern culinary technologies as well as Chef Grudev’s author's interpretations are used.

The meat, the fish, the seafood and cheese of the highest quality are selected for the preparing of the dishes.

A lot of time and efforts are put in order to have at disposal the best products, because “good cuisine is mainly based on quality products”. Apart from a place for delicious and sophisticated dinner, the restaurant is also a place for corporate events. Business lunches, cocktails, parties, as well as official dinners, are being organized. A significant advantage of Plovdiv Hills is that in comparison to the most of the restaurants, it has an open and underground parking which is available for the guests of the restaurant.